What do you think about the role of Media in India?

Do you think the nature of media reporting in India is a sign of degeneration of journalistic ethics that can deeply impact our democracy?

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I feel the state of media is also a reflection of the state of politics.

Indian media is as vibrant as their political patrons in some manner disturbing democratic expectations.

Further, media as a fourth pillar isn’t very effectively designed as media has no sources to gather power from. The other three wings- legislature, judiciary, executive have their own sources of revenue as well as power embedded in their structures. If we come to the fourth pillar like media, liberal democracies have left it to find its own resources. That additional challenge handicaps journalism, thereby making it risky as well as less lucrative as a profession.

In India, the polarized politics has also absorbed media into it as media has to cater to the demands for polarization as created by politics, for its own existence- like raising funds through views.

This is just one dimension.

Here is an article by Rohit Shukla today on how media is derationalizing Indian citizens: