Should Arnab get the taste of his own medicine?

Arnab Goswami got arrested recently. He has been inflicting hate and spreading propoganda from his news channel since years, which led to the arrest and killing of many students, academicians, journalists, social activists. He got framed in a case from the past and the role of Mumbai police is being questioned by many.

Do you think that Arnab should get the taste of his own medicine and should experience the same undemocractic and unjust treatment as it was given to many, so that he understands what he has done? Or do you think that being a citizen of this country, he should get free and fair trial regardless of whatever he has done as a journalist in destroying the constitutional core of this country?


The arrest isn’t a setback on the freedom of expression; provided to the profession of journalism. The reason to keep Arnab Goswami under the judicial custody to allow the investigation to complete judiciously. Secondly, the arrest shouldn’t hurt the emotions of the people of Assam as the letter which was found by the Police mentioned his name that he didn’t pay the money which he owed. Thirdly, how he debated over prime-time on suicide committed by the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and witch-hunted another actor during the investigation conducted by CBI and Mumbai Police showed his lack of empathy.

Arnab’s arrest should amend the manner of journalism which is going all around for many years; has caused an impact over the social fabric in society. The real medicine will be the investigation report submitted by Mumbai Police or CBI. At last, I feel the daughter and wife will get justice as early as possible.


Don’t you think framing Arnab in such a case is again questionable. He is not being put under trial for what he actually did. And what about his right to get a free and fair trial as a citizen of the country? What about the role of the state government and the mumbai police? Does doing two wrongs make a thing right?

Don’t you think he must be put under trial for destroying the social fabric of the nation, creating the false nationalist propoganda, witch hunting Rhea and others, and destroying the core of journalistic ethics? Will that be a more just trial than what he is put under?