Is high court over stepping in Andhra Pradesh by interfering in politics of state?

With the letter from Andhra Pradesh’s CM to chief justice of India made public, do you see any consequences that can happen similar to what has happened in 1975 ?

In 1975, a supposed order to be out from supreme court made Indira Gandhi,the then prime minister, announce emergency.

Do you see any need to re-calibrate the powers of both judiciary and political system to the current times?

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The way question is framed assumes the HC is really interfering in state politics. It might not be the case.

However, this is an interesting situation. The intensity of this would not be as grave as that of the Emergency, for the Union executive has much larger power compared to the state.

If we keep the real intentions of the YCP aside, it may not really bring any recalibration in the establishment.

Separation of powers will remain intact as usual, but the case to progress democratic model of governance can be strengthened, as a vital democratic institution is being seen as corroded by the loss of legitimacy of judiciary attained through the ad hominem of judges holding vital positions. Another vital pillar- the media already lost legitimacy as a savior of democracy.

Judiciary must save itself and keep proving its integrity from time to time, and so shall be the media.

If both judiciary and media are destroyed, it would be a cakewalk for the ruling party in a parliamentary democracy.

I don’t agree with your point on high court’s involvement in state politics . Don’t you think asking the DGP of Andhra Pradesh resign in a total inappropriate case discussion by a high court judge as involving in the state politics ?

High court is not a place to give running commentary. It’s a place where a judgement should be given.

Can you help me by adding any references in the discussion? It helps me understand your claim better. Judicial Activism and Overreach might be different from having a political agenda. It is difficult and almost impossible to differentiate.

If all the decisions are in favour of a political party, it’s no longer judicial over reach but an agenda. A recent order on staying investigation by issuing a gag order on a land case was also quite controversial.

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Definitely it is difficult to understand, unless the justifications made by the High Court to forward these orders is available for us to know.

Thanks for sharing the links btw. They look aesthetic on the forum too.

Here is an article about the accusations on Jagan back for his allegations on the HC of Andhra Pradesh and also the SC Judge.