Do you think elections should be held during the pandemic?

Do you think it is a good idea to conduct elections in the middle of the pandemic in India?

yes, mail from home ballot can be used if one is concerned about the logistics. When it comes to the principle of voting and its democratic importance, elections should be routinely held, especially when change is demanded and necessary as we see the incompetence of governments around the world while dealing with the pandemic. Now more than ever, citizens should and have to show up to exercise their democratic right and demand accountability.


Perhaps it is the perception of the intensity of pandemic that should make this decision easier. If we feel the pandemic is manageable and less important than democracy, then we can go ahead. Since the perception of pandemic has also become softer, we can perhaps go ahead. Also, elections can further make the perception of pandemic softer as people would take it more casually owning to the possibility of a large scale event like elections.

However, the decision can also be influenced by people in power. If they have an interest in conducting elections, they might want to go ahead with elections even at the cost of the pandemic.

EC shall have the final say amidst all these pressures.